LSD Taste Good?  Who would think it.

It might not be the LSD that immediately came to mind.  Yes you are still on a healthy living blog.  LSD (Latte Soy Dandelion).  Dandelion Tea is often used as a substitute for coffee, however it usually tastes like dirt (in my opinion).

Well today, thanks to a good friend of mine I have learnt the secret to making it taste good.  When put through the coffee machine like a normal espresso, the bitter/dirt taste vanishes and it actually tastes good (add honey).

Just some of the health giving benefits are below.

  • Source of Zinc, Iron and Potassium
  • Assist digestion
  • Aids liver function
  • Can relieve water retention
  • Stimulates insulin secretion from the pancreas
  • Has been suggested to help lower blood cholesterol

Who does great LSD? – I have the Eastern Suburbs covered – let me know if you have others.

Jed’s Cafe * 7ways Nth Bondi – Gusto * Hall Street Bondi – The Organic Cafe * Gould Street Bondi – Mdeli Cafe * Fletcher Street Tamarama

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