Mondayitis no more!

After a huge weekend of training, the pool was definitely on the cards.  First clients conveniently located near the Andrew Boyd Charleton Pool meant a dive from bed to car to pool pre-work.  Best start to a Monday in a long time and well worth the extra early wake up.

Traveling from client to client I spend a lot of time in transit, most days.  Regular, smaller meals are crucial to my survival (or at least, the sanity of anyone who has to be around me).

For those of you always on the run and doing your best to stay healthy and calm here are a few key car survival tips:

Sip water at red lights – this keeps you hydrated during your day and is an easy habit to get into.

Keep small containers of nuts, seeds, dried fruits in the fridge so they are easy to pick up and throw into the glove box, as they are small and you will manage portion sizes so as not to over indulge.

Grab a piece of fruit, a carrot, or as per previous post a cucumber on the way out the door, self packaged and packed full of  energy giving nutrients.

Only eat when you are hungry, not just because you are bored.  By drinking water first you will soon discover whether you were in fact hungry or simply thirsty.

Car meditation at traffic lights (to be done eyes open and when stationary).  Breathe in for 3 counts, hold for 3 and then exhale for 6 counts.  It will take your focus off the jerk who cut you off and increase the oxygen to your brain.

Car Stretches at traffic lights – We often hold a lot of tension through our shoulders and neck, particularly whilst driving.  Try and get 3 shoulder shrugs and a neck stretch left and right before the lights go green.  This again takes your focus away from your watch and the to do list that is not getting done in the car and makes use of your car time.

Shoulder Shrugs – Lift your shoulders to your ears, hold the tension for a few seconds, inhale and as you lift then exhale release and drop your shoulders.

Neck Stretch – Maintain a strong posture with shoulders over your hips and drop your right ear down towards your right shoulder.  Hold for 15-20 seconds then do the same to your left side.

Note: these stretches can just as easily (and should) be done at your desk at work.

And just in case you missed it, being the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl 31 to 25 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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