HEAT IS ON SYDNEY – 44degrees and training!

It is now Day 6- It is Saturday AM and whilst everyone else was heading to the beach for a swim or into an air-conditioned movie cinema, I have a day of Kettle Bell Training followed by an intense Boxing and Tai Chi session to film for a friend’s project (intense because it is in the middle of the sun at 44 degrees).

Day 1 or Day2 I would have been struggling however it is now over 5 days of my “balanced” detox and my body is loving the clean food and plenty of water.

I probably drank in excess of 5 liters of water today and it’s days like these that hydration is key.  Many fail to understand the importance of water.  Water makes up over 70% of the human body and is essential for many key biological processes such as oxygen transport, joint lubrication and regulating our temperature to name a few.  To put it simply, without it, we die.

An interesting experiment was done a few years back by Dr Masaru Emoto on the effect of thoughts on crystallized water. With an understanding that the human body is made up of over 70%. watching this video made me slightly more aware of my thoughts both negative and positive.

So on this ridiculously hot day in Sydney, where temperatures are still at a high of 31degrees and it’s close to midnight I will leave you with footage of the results from Dr Masaru Emoto.

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