Day 5 and Cheering- Firing on all cylinders and in love with Friday.

Before Light - 5am

Up at 4:30am and it is so very hot here in Sydney.  Even in my best efforts to reschedule a client to 5:30am from her usual 7am spot we are unable to avoid the 32degree temps.  She works as hard as ever, in the process proving that the trial spray tan for her upcoming wedding is a failure against the heat (we are on search for the perfect one and what better way to test than with a hard workout).  Straight from there to cooler indoor clinic conditions for my new pre-natal client, a slightly calmer focus session.  My increasing energy levels are beginning to sustain, this is exactly why I have gone on detox.  I am more engaged with my clients sessions than ever before and literally bouncing from session to session.

Looks aren’t everything…..but they count!

A girlfriend of mine called me to catch up.  Hadn’t seen her for at least a month and a catch up was well over due.  We started debriefing over the phone and I shared my detox challenge.  Interestingly enough when I then invited her over for dinner she was not keen.

Hold on hold on….. detox doesn’t mean boring.

“You like fish – yes”

A good looking & tasty meal is key to a balanced detox

“I absolutely love seafood.”

“How does Grilled Salmon and Sauteed Vegies sound and you can drink wine if you wish (she didn’t).”

It was the best night to be eating outside and a perfect end to Friday.

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