30 Days has a challenge!

Well this month has been a real experience with some amazing and interesting lessons learnt along the way.  I was able to celebrate tonight with some good friends at the amazing Rum Diaries on beautiful seafood and a bottle of artisan water, yep not even a drop of wine.  Thanks Alex & Carla. x

I still find it quite bizarre that after 25 odd years I ended up living around the corner from a friend from kindergarten, just shows that some friendships are meant to be.

So what did this amazing 30days teach me?

Natural energy is the best source of energy and caffeine has been deceiving me for a while.

People have a lot of misconceptions about the definition of detox.

Clarity comes from not drinking on a Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday night.

Balance is a key to many things in life.

Detoxing is not all about what is eaten.

Rest is as important as training hard and allows for greater quality in exercise, work and life.

Life throws challenge because we can handle them or we need a reminder!

Fear is a powerful emotion that will often hold us back.  Whilst it sometimes serves as a warning sign, most of the time it can stop us from living life to the fullest. The interesting thing to note is that fear almost always refers to a future event.  It has not happened yet we are making a story about it as if it were true.

Whether it be the fear of committing to a 30day detox challenge or the fear of jumping out of a plane it often comes back to the basics of trusting yourself to step outside of what is comfortable.  What happens when we do something that we have not done before?  It’s uncomfortable yes, we may look stupid yes, there is a chance that we won’t be supported by our family or peers…..or  our world expands, we learn something new and even if we trip over or stumble the first time (often seen as failure) we learn something new (perhaps how not to do it next time) and grow stronger, wiser, better for the experience.

Trust in oneself is the most basic of all lessons however it is this trust that will move someone from sitting on the couch watching TV to climbing a mountain or running a marathon.  There are probably a few steps in between these points and it all starts with learning to trust your self and stepping beyond your comfort zone.

It is amazing what we will do to sabotage ourselves when we make a decision to do something.  Ever noticed how much you crave chocolate the day you decide to give it up?  How good do you feel when you don’t eat it though?  This comes down to the fact that you have kept your word with yourself.  Our word is law.  If you say that you are going to climb a mountain and you have trust in your word you will be climbing that mountain in no time.  If you say that you are not going to have dessert then open up the freezer to find the last mini magnum and think, just this last one you are only teaching yourself that your word means nothing.

The common fault is that we set the bar so high initially that it is so hard to keep our word. We lose faith in our ability and give up completely.  100 push ups a day is probably a little ridiculous as a start (even if you are fit) as it is not our fitness level we are challenging it is our mind and our ability to commit to something on a regular basis and align what we do with what we say.

Choose something small such as meditating for 2minutes a day and notice how quickly you will find a thousand other things that you could be doing instead.  If you manage to keep this commitment for a week extend the time.  Before you know it you will be meditating for 20 minutes and feel surprisingly good.  The meditation will be a part of this however the larger reason will be to do with learning to trust yourself.

For me this 30 days of detox was more than just the food, the no alcohol, and inspiring others toward balance, it was about practicing my word and reminding myself what real trust is.  It is not being righteous and eating only good foods because it is healthy for me and I know that my body will love me for it.  It is living in the way that I know serves me and trusting that my body will respond accordingly.

Trust is the ultimate key to any challenge.

Thank you for following this journey, I really didn’t expect that I would have so many people reading through to the end and I really appreciate each of you as it has made a huge impact on my commitment to follow through.  Trust in oneself is one thing however having others trust in you is a great responsibility and one that I don’t take lightly.

I will update this page with a link to future blog posts and look forward to hearing more from those of you who have decided to take on the 30day challenge whether it be for a detox or something else.

w/ Gratitude

Kelly Gallagher

Body IQ Pilates Personal Training & Massage