Detox your Social Circle

No I don’t mean delete all the addresses in your phone book and start from scratch however, there are the people that give us energy, love, support and encouragement through our lives and there are those relationships that drain our energy and leave us feeling self conscious,  negative and generally lacking.

Life is so fast paced sometimes that I often go through the day and can’t remember taking a breath of air.  When we are fit and healthy we believe we are invincible.  It is often the times that we are forced to stop and reflect that we realize what does and doesn’t work in our lives.  In the past year I have learnt about the true effect of having the defective BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene (see below for further information) in your family and I have even helped to organise a large event to raise funds for Breast Cancer and the McGrath Foundation.  Unlike other members of my family I am fortunate that I do not have either of the defective genes thus until recently I had a strong belief that I was untouchable.

For some reason even when something so life changing touches the members of your family you still have a set of beliefs in your head about your own health.  Given the great care I take in making sure that I eat well, exercise enough, and more recently rest, the reality is that I have always externalized disease to be something that happens to others.  It’s a rude shock when something jolts you onto a different path of thinking and forces you to shift your beliefs.

There is a saying that you become what you surround yourself with most of the time.  If you are surrounding yourself with judge mental, critical, negative and generally  unsupportive people how can you expect to feel inspired, creative and full of life?

Those who are negative, judgmental and generally critical in our lives are there to teach us how we don’t want to be and it is important to take responsibility and distance ourselves from them.  Life is too short for hang ups and grudges, why waste time on being uncomfortable in your own skin.  Learn what doesn’t work and overcome it and move on.  This isn’t as easily done as it is said and many of us can spend years in a toxic relationships be it intimate or simply friendships that just don’t serve us.

I am so grateful that I am surrounded by so many amazing people who inspire and teach me each day.  Yes this may sound soppy however the reality is that I would not be doing what I love and have become the person I have if it weren’t for the creative, sporty, diverse, grounded, down to earth and generally happy people that I am privileged to call my friends and family.

Spend most of your time in the company of the people that you admire and watch what happens to your sense of self.

So this is a tribute to all of you lovely people.  Thank you for following this journey.

The next entry is lucky 30 however I will be continuing this blog on and will provide the relevant links.

Info on BRCA1 & BRCA2


Kelly Gallagher

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