For most of us, massage is seen as a luxury item that we only have when it is a birthday gift or whilst on holidays.  Even though I massage people for a living and know the numerous benefits, the thought to book one for myself often takes a back seat when I get too busy.  If you work hard and train hard your muscles are going to get tired, even with a regular stretching routine (which is a non event for most).

Just like a car, your body needs regular servicing and maintenance checks.  If you were to wait until your car ran out of oil to check it you would be stuck without a car and some significant amounts of cash for the repair of a not so happy engine.  Our bodies may appear invincible however the harder you make your body work the more looking after it is going to need.  Why wait for an injury and the costly fees of rehab and time off being active to start taking better care of your body.

Regular massage can not only dissipate existing conditions, ,a good quality massage can prevent muscles from getting too tight and shorten your post work out recovery period, which allows you to train harder and accelerate the results from your training regime.

For those of you who spend long hours hunched over at your desks in front of a computer, regular massage can prevent tension building up through the neck and shoulders, address muscular imbalances and relieve muscular aches, persistent tension headaches and stress.

From the detox perspective, regular massage will improve circulations and clear blockages so that waste products and toxins can be easily eliminated from the body.

What I have noticed personally when I commit to regular massage treatments is that I have greater range of motion which allows me both freer movement and the ability to train harder and get optimal benefit out of my training sessions.  My body looks and feels more supple and my skin glows.  I also find that digestion is easier and I don’t get fatigued as easily thus I am generally a happier and less stressful person to be around.

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