Something Different – A shift from Creature Comforts

Another beautiful day in Sydney boasting the Summer that is about to come to an end. The best thing about training on Saturday is that it is for me and I can catch up with friends and I am able to do what I missed out on during the week.  Short anaerobic bursts of body weight sets on the bars, sand sprints and resisted towel runs in the sand left me with a heart rate through the roof and heavy legs.  It is a workout that I love to hate and it works.  It is important to have those sessions where you are venturing out of what feels comfortable and learn to love the feeling of breathlessness and working harder than is comfortable as this is what it takes to improve fitness levels and move beyond where you were.  Much the same goes for nutrition.

It is easy to go with foods that we are familiar with and often hard to step outside of routine, however for many of us this is what it takes to shift our diets into better shape.  Think of all the little habits that have kept you making the same choice over and over and may be hindering your health.  I am talking about the chocolate ice cream every night after dinner or the three to four sugary biscuits that you have with your morning coffee every day.  If you were to challenge yourself to shift to these regular yet sabotaging habits you may also find a shift in the few kilos that love to stick around as well.

I love to get stuck in my muesli and fruit rut simply because that’s what I love to eat for breakfast and whilst this isn’t an unhealthy breakfast it is the ability to shift to something completely different that pushes us beyond our creature comforts. A great weekend and post workout breakfast was found today at Jed’s in 7ways North Bondi.  In continuing on the challenge of finding different healthy foods that exclude alcohol, caffeine, sugars and processing I decided on Kurosawa Scramble.  A big step towards a different style of breakfast.  Brown rice, teryaki tofu, scrambled eggs, seaweed, avocado & wasabi.  A completely different yet nutritious way to start the weekend.

Which not so helpful creature comfort are you going to shift today?

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