Hectic schedules and early rises late to return where’s the home packed lunch?

With my lifestyle I am often up before 5am so I was rather impressed when I opened my door to find a delivery of two days worth of food waiting for me on my door step.  If you lead a busy life it is likely that you are attempting to fit your exercise in pre-work day and organising good nutrition around this can be challenging at times.

For a while now I have heard whispers of good things about a local company “Eat Fit Food“.  Started by Bianca Monley in 2002, I finally got to catch up with them this week and good news for me the whispers were true. Eat Fit Food aims to provide nutritionally balanced meals to busy people who have little time to spare and still want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A friend of mine put it extremely well when she said “It is like someone is taking care of you for a week….when my life is too busy it is nice to know that I am doing something that takes care of my health and it feels good”.

The thing that attracted me to Eat Fit Food was that the menu plan and philosophy aligned with my theory of detox being a balanced way to reduce the unnecessary additions in the diet without lacking variety, nutrition and most importantly for most of my clients taste.  Yes you can get quick weight loss results with a juice only detox or shakes however watch the kgs go straight back on with an extra few to boot as soon as you return to your normal eating habits.

The key with Eat Fit Foods is that it teaches portion size and educates you on good quality menu options.  It is rare that you will be served an ideal portion size in a restaurant in Sydney as the plates alone tend to be over-sized.  This is where I see most clients fall down.  Yes they may be eating reasonably healthy foods however the amounts that they consume in one sitting is often in excess of what they are using in one day, hence the struggle with weight loss and maintenance.

Tips to healthy eating –

Mindful eating is key.

Drink a glass of water before you eat. – We often eat because we are bored and feel that we are hungry when in fact we are actually de-hydrated.  Having water pre-eating will help you recognise whether you are truly as hungry as you think you are as well as assist in digestion.

Chew your food properly,  it is easy when in a rush to inhale your food almost before you have sat down to eat it.  By taking the time to chew your food properly it will digest better and you will allow your body time to realise that it has been nourished and make the connection that you are full.

Pause: Put down the spoon between mouthfuls.  This allows you not only to finish what you already have in your mouth, it will allow you to enjoy the food more and going back to the last point, chew properly.

Presence: Multi tasking is something that we have come to accept as normal practice, particularly when it comes to eating a meal.  How many of you eat your lunch whilst checking your email, the latest sport/news updates and talking on the phone?  Make time at least once a day to sit down and just eat your food.    I was shocked when in a rather expensive restaurant I observed a couple both on their blackberrys eating a meal that would have set them back over $100. What a waste.  Be present and appreciate the meal in front of you as well as the company you share and notice the difference that it makes.

Bon Appetit ; )

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