5am Wake up and whilst still feeling average with an energy level of zero it’s all about “acting” energised until I feel it.  It does make a huge difference that I have some amazing clients with whom I love to spend my mornings with.

Detox Defined – the process, real or perceived, of removing toxins from the body.

Interesting conversation with my local Health Emporium Organics Store.  Chatting about some bizarre detoxes that have walked through their doors recently.  I am all about getting back to basics, fresh produce, vegetables, whole grains, high quality protein sources and plenty of water. It’s really all about balance and quite simply, eliminating the toxins and loading up on the good clean healthy foods.  Quite the contrary to this philosophy there are some pretty wacky ideas of how to detox out there.  Here are a couple to get you started…

Wacky Detox Methods – I’ll be looking for more.

Drink Salt in Water and then for the rest of the day only eat Grape Fruit. – nutrition negligible.

Grapefruit is a nutritious low-calorie fruit (66-84 calories per serving), loaded with vitamin C and fiber, however, there is no evidence to show it holds any fat burning properties. Grapefruits are a low calorie, high fibre and low glycaemic index fruit that may assist in reducing insulin levels and leave one feeling fuller  thus can assist in the goal of weight loss. Grapefruits alone cannot provide all the essential nutrition required for health.

All the bananas and dates I want!

I was quite shocked with a story of a guy who had chosen to follow his mate’s “detox” plan and requested a banana smoothie consisting of 15 bananas and ice.  His mate unlike him was an endurance athlete (or a monkey as the case may be). -At what point behind his desk was all this energy going to be used?

Remembering the context of the foods you choose to eat is important.  If you are an office worker who exercises casually or even daily, your energy output is not similar to a triathlete who probably cycles, swims and runs the distance you would in a month in one session.  The old adage of intake versus output is important to consider here. Once again balance a key to successful nutrition.

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