Breathing Defined:
The process of moving air into and out of the lungs.  Aerobic Organisms ie humans require oxygen to live!

Just Breathe
do you have time to take time out?

In our busy lives we often forget to take time out, even worse we believe that we don’t have time.

It is a common fallacy that taking time out involves long periods to commit to and is therefore put in the to do when I have time to be happier basket.

Think about how long 5 deep breaths takes?

Actually, don’t think, do!
Walk away from your desk right now and time it!
TAKE 5 DEEP BREATHS & TIME IT – don’t rush it, shut your eyes, breathe into your nose, allow the lungs to expand and the rib cage to widen, pause at the top and then exhale slowly. REPEAT 5 TIMES

Go away & TAKE  5 breaths now…….

Welcome back, notice how you feel.  For those of you who have just read on, you have completely missed the point of this post and probably won’t even read  to the end (if read it at all) as your busy life is getting in the way of much more than just taking time out.  Second chance, you can either go back and do the exercise or get back to work, you are wasting time reading on.

Those of you who did follow through, how did you feel after those 5 breaths?  If you really shut off from the world around you and concentrated on breathing for the 30seconds to a minute that it took you, you may have felt – calmer, more in control, focused, centered, present and even dare I say it happier.

Now think about how this might affect your productivity at work if you were to practice these 5 breaths each day for a week.  I know, 5 minutes in your working life is a long time to commit to so it’s up to you.

Give it a go and it can be as simple as 5 deep breaths.

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