No rest for the wicked, wicked are they who do not rest!

Teaching is a driving passion for me and unlike many I thrive on being at the front of a room and sharing what I have learnt through my experience as a trainer both the good and the bad.  Nothing gives me greater joy than facilitating a learning experience and one of my favorite roles is that of a Coach for The Australian Institute of Fitness. I feel very fortunate and privileged to be given the responsibility of taking students through their Cert IV in Personal Training and as many travel long distances for the weekend I make sure that I give my all.

As rewarding as it is I often hit a wall by Sunday night.  On overhearing a trainer suggest “why don’t you just wake up at 4am to train” I was immediately reminded of why our industry has such a high turnover and burn out rate.  Trainers often disregard early morning wake ups and lead a life induced by caffeine and lack of sleep (speaking from experience) as it wouldn’t occur to check out for 30minutes of rest time to save our health.    It’s not only our industry.  Sydney in general is a fast paced city and it is easy to get caught up in the world of work and our social life and lose the importance of recovery in the process.  It doesn’t really matter how good your nutrition and exercise regime is if you are not getting enough down time, you just won’t function effectively.  Rest is crucial not only to our own health and well being but as importantly to the sanity of those around us.

Sleep plays a critical role in almost every aspect to our daily function as a human being so here are just a few of the key reasons why sleep is important:

  • Growth – Stimulates the release of growth hormone in children and young adults
  • Learning – We are able to process newly learned information
  • Improved Memory – our brains can organise and archive memories
  • Problem Solving – The brain is able to re-organise data to help solve problems.
  • Repair – The brain has time to shut down and repair neurons
  • Rest – Cardiovascular System gets are rest and works at a lower rate
  • Weight loss – Sleep deprivation has been shown to interrupt normal hormonal activity which can lead to increased appetite resulting in increase calorie intake which can contribute to weight gain.

Interesting videos on sleep.

On that note, good night!

Good night xo

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