Day 12 – PT Playground – TGIF

Sleep in day – 7am is bliss to any trainer who is up at 5am or earlier each day.

To say today was full on would be a sincere understatement.  After working through ’til 3am (not advisable sleep is so important to brain and body function) I had a training session with my trainer at 9am. Surprisingly and maybe not such exciting news for my clients, I was full of energy, bounce and ideas when I entered my favourite Friday class of Adv. Pilates for AMP Corporate at 12.

I am always blown away with how well this class has progressed.  I throw tough and complex sessions at them and they all just power through.  It is pretty inspiring to turn around and watch a class of 30 learn and perform a turkish get up with almost flawless technique after not even 10 minutes.  It is attributed to their absolute dedication and commitment to consistently being there every session.  They always know it when they’ve missed a few.

Andrew Boy Charleton Pool for some laps and then straight off to PT Playground The sun is shining and I have already trained for a total of 3 hours today.

I feel slightly ill when Pontus our trainer of the day announces his session plan.  It’s just me and the boys today and for those of you who don’t know my competitive streak, I don’t give in to a challenge.  It was a mean session to initiate Luke of BondiPT into however he handled it with a smile (at the end).

So for those of you looking for a healthy challenge this weekend, here is our session this afternoon.  I would recommend not doing it in the heat of the sun like we did.  This is not intelligent and can have detrimental effects.  Choose a cooler time either early morning or early evening.

Beach Training Session – not for the faint hearted.

The Boys of PT Playground Cam Mercer, Pontus Palmkvist, Luke Hines

50 Burpees
1km Soft Sand
50 Push ups
1km Soft Sand
50 Kettle Bell Swings
1km Soft Sand
50 Squats
1km Soft Sand
50 Russian Twists
Stretch Stretch Stretch


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