Big City Sydney

In a city like Sydney it can be easy to go weeks and even months without catching up with friends.  Add a detox and when you’re used to catching up for Friday night drinks or going out for a big Saturday night and it can begin to feel isolating if you are wanting to live a healthier existence.

A lot of the excuses that I hear from my personal training clients for not going for a run or on a long walk is that they get bored.  I’ve had a friend that I’ve been meaning to catch up with for months. He has gone overseas and been back in the country for over 4 months now and we always cancel the catch up because we are too busy.  Well tonight not only did I finally catch up with my friend, I also had an amazing run after work.  Combine the exercise and the catch up and suddenly boredom has been eliminated and your training session for the day is done without even noticing the time flying by.  The bonus is that you will probably have a far better conversation on the run than you ever would after too many beers at the pub and you’ll wake up fresh the next day hangover free.

It is rare that I get home in time to watch any TV, tonight was an exception so I shall leave you with this quote:

“I’ve never been good at taking risks”…. “well start learning because once they turn into regrets it’s too late.” who would’ve thought Desperate Housewives could be so insightful.

Check out Who magazine tomorrow for a simple 7Day Makeover Plan for both diet and exercise. – big goals require massive action.

Thanks for reading ; )

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