Day 10 – Jump the hump day!

Wow – Officially hitting Day 10 with no regrets at all except perhaps the missing out on Playground Weekender which I do realize will be a lot of fun for all involved. Bigger goals to hit this year that will be worth the loss.

The surf was massive as I did my celebratory 10 day victory run.  Flying to Bronte and back felt amazing.  Feeling full of energy this afternoon yet amazingly calm after a hard run equated to a grounded and balanced state.  It’s afternoons like these that make the detox worth the investment.

I decided to have dinner at my favourite local vegetarian eatery “Laurie’s Vegetarian”.  Apparently so did the rest of Bondi  as  a line up of locals emerged with the same healthy idea.  It is perfect weather to be eating light and fresh foods.

With Gratitude

I would like to use this post to express my gratitude to all my family, friends, clients and general web community who have been so supportive with this blog.  It s a little scary to put your thoughts out there on the web and I am always acutely aware that if I’m boring it won’t read well and you will leave so thanks for sticking with me for the 10 posts thus far.  I will do my best to produce posts of interest to you.  Feel free to email questions or topics you are interested about to

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