So why a 30 day detox?

To be honest I started out with the aim of detoxing for 7days however when I began to think about writing through the detox and the added benefit of inspiring clients to eat, move and live in a more balanced way 7days just didn’t cut it.  Furthermore I needed a challenge.

They say that it takes 21 days to make a new habit.  I have no idea why it is 21 days however this is the point that seems to be agreed upon.  I added an extra 9 to be sure.  I know that by only committing to a week I would not have enjoyed the benefits that I am seeing now.  Like many things a detox is not something that you just casually decide to do.  You make a decision and like Nike says, you “Just Do It”.

I ran my first marathon last year.  For many years I have thought it was something I might like to do “some day” however really didn’t have the desire or belief that I could run that far.  Why would I want to go and run for 3 hours at a time?  When would I get time?  For me it was a decision.  I woke up and decided it was time, I then committed to it and took immediate action by submitting my entry form and paying the fee then telling my friends and family, this last step really locked me in.  I set the goal and just got on with making it happen.  If I had for one moment thought about the number of 3 hour runs, hard interval sessions I had in front of me and the potential for hitting a wall I would have never found myself at the starting line.  Not dissimilar to this detox.  I haven’t wasted time on thinking about how many days I have to go.  I have only focused on the days that I have achieved thus far and what an impact that it has made on my life.

If you plan on making changes to your lifestyle it needs to be a decision made in the moment, committed to in that moment and immediately followed by at least one simple action step that locks you in.  If action is not taken instantly it is much harder to follow through.

The amount of times I have heard people talking about their last meal before they go on a diet or their last big night out before they taking some time off drinking to watch them never step up to the mark is ridiculous.  Only yesterday I was speaking with a medical professional who deals with patients coming in for gastric banding.  These people are already excessively overweight and going to extremes to lose weight yet between the time of their final appointment with the surgeon and surgery they put on an average of 20-40kg. They have not changed their psychology and there are websites dedicated to eating your way around gastric banding.  Seriously?  Momentum builds momentum and it is much harder to motivate yourself to act with a huge hangover or a belly full of food.

So my advice to those of you who think 30 days is a huge leap.  Start with a day.  Commit to something you have been thinking about doing and then act on it immediately. The initial action will give you a little momentum and then just keep moving forward and taking another positive action step.  Before you know it you will have created something new in your life and will start to reap the reward of following through.

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