Monday 31.01.2011

Could it possible get any worse?  Too hot, bad sleep, bad hair day, skin breaks out & the temperature in Sydney is just rising.  Add to that a back to back day of clients with little breaks.  WHERE IS MY COFFEE? Instead, a glass of apple cider vinegar and a spoonful of toughen the hell up and get on with DAY 1 of Detox.

Detox always sounds like a grand idea when you are talking about it over a few drinks and thinking about how taxing the holiday season has been on your energy levels, figure and mental well being.  However, when Day 1 hits it is anything but.  Mantra to be repeated:  “It will get better” and “I will (maybe not today) one day in the not too distant future feel fantastic!”

Bloated, lethargic, tummy pains, headaches, fatigued muscles, a general lack of luster is all a part of the Detox Monday.

Pre-detox Party Town

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